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   NEWLY PUBLISHED(frsj Publications)

   BERDYAEV New Book --  "The Philosophy of Freedom" (2020)  (Kl. № 5)
1st English Translation of Berdyaev's 1911 book, "Философия свободы"
            (ISBN-13: 9780999197943  / ISBN-10: 0999197940)  --  Hardback  
            (ISBN-13: 9780999197950  / ISBN-10: 0999197959)  --  Paperback
          View: "Table of Contents"...  "Description"... "Forward"... 280 pages (3/30/20)

   BERDYAEV New Book --  "Sub specie aeternitatis:
               Articles Philosophic, Social and Literary (1900-1906)"  (2019)  (Kl. № 3)
         1st English Translation of Berdyaev's 1907 book, "Sub specie aeternitatis"
           (ISBN-13: 9780999197929  / ISBN-10: 0999197924)  --  Hardback
           (ISBN-13: 9780999197936  / ISBN-10: 0999197932)  --  Paperback
         View: "Table of Contents"...  "Description"...   472 pages  (3/24/19)

  BERDYAEV New Book --  "The Crisis of Art" (2018)
         1st English Translation of Berdyaev's 1918 "Кризис искусства" (expanded to 9 articles)!...
           (ISBN-13: 9780996399296 / ISBN-10: 0996399291)  --  Hardback
           (ISBN-13: 9780999197905 / ISBN-10: 0999197908)  --  Paperback
         View: "Table of Contents"...  "Description"...   152 pages  (7/13/18)

  BERDYAEV New Book -- "Astride the Abyss of War and Revolutions:
                                                  Articles 1914-1922" (2017)
         1st English Translation of a large sbornik/collection of  98 Articles by Berdyaev!!...
           (ISBN-13: 9780996399272 / ISBN-10: 0996399275)  --  Hardback
           (ISBN-13: 9780996399289 / ISBN-10: 0996399283)  --  Paperback
         View: "Table of Contents"...  "Description"...  742 pages  (7/24/17)

  BERDYAEV New Book --  "Aleksei Stepanovich Khomyakov"  (2017)
         1st English Translation of Berdyaev's 1912 "Алексей Степанович Хомяков"
         (ISBN-13: 9780996399258 / ISBN-10: 0996399259)   224 pages (5/08/17)
    (ISBN-13: 9780999197912 / ISBN-19: 0999197916)  -- Paperback  (8/1/18)
         View: "Table of Contents"...  "Description"...

   BERDYAEV New Book  --  "The Fate of Russia" (2016)
         1st English Translation of Berdyaev's 1918 "Sud'ba Rossii"
         (ISBN-13: 9780996399241 / ISBN-10: 0996399240)  254 pages (10/15/16)
         View: "Table of Contents"...

  BERDYAEV-Related New Book: (2016)
         E. Skobtsova (Mother Maria):  "The Crucible of Doubts -- Khomyakov,
         Dostoevsky, Solov'ev, In Search of Synthesis, Four 1929 Works"
         (ISBN-13: 9780996399234 / ISBN-10: 0996399232)  166 pages  (5/20/16)
          1st English Translation... frsj Publications.
         View: "Table of Contents"...

 BERDYAEV-Related New Book:
         Fr. Aleksandr Men': "Russian Religious Philosophy: 1989-1990 Lectures" (2015)
       1st English Translation -- Published in 25th Year Commemoration of Fr Men' Memory
        (ISBN-13: 9780996399227 / ISBN-10: 0996399224)     214 pages...  (7/14/15)
  (ISBN-13: 9780996399265 / ISBN-10: 0996399267)  --  Paperback(6/27/17)
        View: "Table of Contents"...

 BERDYAEV New Book "The Philosophy of Inequality" (2015)
        1st English Translation of Berdyaev's 1918/1923 "Filosofia neravenstva"
         (ISBN-13: 9780996399203 / ISBN-10: 0996399208)  406 pages (6/4/15)
         View: "Table of Contents"...

 BERDYAEV New Book "The Spiritual Crisis of the Intelligentsia" (2014/2015)
       Revised 1st English Translation of Berdyaev's 1910 "Dukhovnyi krizis intelligentsii"
        (ISBN-13: 9780996399210 / ISBN-10: 0996399216)   346 pages  (6/19/15)
        View: "Table of Contents"...

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   The Russian Religious Philosopher Nikolai Alexandrovich Berdyaev (Berdiaev) was
a prolific writer, both before his exile from Russia in 1922, and afterwards in the West
until his death in 1948.

   The 1978 IMKA Press "Berdiaev Bibliographie" by Tamara Klepinine lists a total
of 483 books and articles by Berdyaev, not including those "sans signature" or under
a pseudonym. A significant portion of this corpus or works remains difficult to find,
even in Russian, and remains untranslated into English. But the Internet has made for
dramatic changes.Much that was inaccessible is gradually becoming accessible, but
scattered about and discovered often only by chance. Hence the need to attempt to
"bring order into chaos", -- following the example set mankind the footsteps of the
Divine Lord (though some chaos is necessary for life's destiny)...

 Berdyaev English Works Bibliography  -- the 1998 Revised Version, provides a
chronological Listing to Berdyaev's Works, translated into English: this includes both
Books and Journal Articles written "by" Berdyaev, and the primary Books written
"about" Berdyaev in English.

   Николай Бердяев Библиография (Я. Кротов) -- the (in Russian) Bibliographie
of Berdyaev's Russian Writings (including also Online E-text transcriptions), by our
esteemed Moscow colleague, Yakov Krotov, who also is in process of putting Online
the Berdyaev-edited Paris Russian Religio-Philosophic Journal Put' (Путь).
   Vide also his  Krotov Bibliotek Webpage,  in Russian, English and Italian, with
additional materials on Berdyaev, Fr. A. Men', and much else.

   Berdyaev English Webpage -- by our esteemed American colleague, Dirk Kelder.
The present Webpage is intended as a "Resources Supplemental Appendice" to this
top-level and quite excellent Berdyaev Homepage.

  Other primary E-text Sites for "by" Berdyaev Works, in addition to the present site,
(primarily in Russian): are  Khristian Literatura, and Библиотека "ВЕХИ" -- also
Odinblago.ru !!! -- (this latter site has an an excellent and extensive Online selection
of works, not only by many major figures within Russian Religious Philosophy, but also
quite many other aspects of significant material of the Orthodox Church, e.g. "Journal Put'").
Emigrantika.ru/rusparis!!! -- this exemplary site contains actual .pdf copies from an
extensive collection of emigre Paris Russian journals, reflecting a wide array of intellectual
literary and cultural offerings by both better & less known figures, not just Berdyaev...
N.B.: Please use our "Berdyaev_RusParis_Key"  to locate the 28 Berdyaev articles
embedded within the Emigranta.ru/rusparis awesome collection...

Berdyaev Book Sources -- the avid student of Berdyaev may wish to peruse this
in securing materials, whether English or Russian, not available Online or elsewhere.
Updated 19 August 2005 thru 2017...

Paris Russian Religio-Philosophic Journal Put' (Путь):  Article Reprints and complete
Subject/Author Index (in-Russian) now available! 



Online Index of Works by Berdyaev (Berdiaev)

   An "Online by-Berdyaev Index" of over 350 items (in English, Russian, German) is at present
listed with active links...in various aspects of Russian Religious Philosophy...

Online Index of Works about Berdyaev (Berdiaev)

         4  Articles by K. Bambauer on the Funeral (26 March 1948), Ecumenical
            and European Contacts of Berdyaev (Berdjajew)...
         K. Bambauer "The Letters of Nikolaj Berdjajew to Fritz Lieb"
         "In Memory of Klaus Bambauer" (Vr. M Knechten) (english/german)

        Berdyaev Articles by Frs. A. Men' (Russ/Engl) and G. Kochetkov (Russ/Engl),
            L. Shestov, O. Volkogonova, M. Sergeev, D. Lisin and others...

         Articles in translation (by Fr A Smirensky) on 1901-1903 Religio-Philosophic
           between Intelligentsia and the Church (V. Novik, O Kling)...
        Fr Michael Knechten "Righteous Priest St Alexei Mechev" -- Berdyaev's
           father-confessor in Russia, canonised in year 2000!...

Online Indices to other Russian Religio-Philosophic Thinkers

  A work for the future...

New Online Berdyaev Articles and Translations: 
   (Chronological Coding by Year of Initial Publication, and T. Klepinina Assigned-#)

         (1904-110(3)  A. S. Khomyakov as Philosopher (Centennial of Birth) .

         (1905-115(3)  The Catechesis of Marxism .

         (1905-118(3)  Culture and Politics.  Philosophy of Modern Russian History.

         (1905-120(3)  K. Leont'ev - Philosopher of a Reactionary Romanticism .

         (1906-xxx)  Capital Punishment and Killing .

         (1906-126(3)  The History and the Psychology of Russian Marxism .

         (1906-130(3)  Concerning the Will of the People..

         (1907-131(4))  Russian God-Seekers .

       (1907-135(4))  Nihilism on a Religious Soil.

        (1907-138(4))  Decadentism and Mystical Realism. .

        (1908-149(4))  Christ and the World  (Reply to V. V. Rozanov). .

        (1908-151(4))  Catholic Modernism and the Crisis of
               the Contemporary Consciousness .

        (1909-157(4))  Regarding a Remarkable Book (O. Weininger) .

        (1909-158(4))  Attempt at a Philosophical Justification of Christianity.
           Concerning the Book of V. Nesmelov "The Science of Man".

        (1911-053)  The Problem of East and West within the Religious Consciousness
           of Vl. Solov'ev.

        (1912-054)  The Old and the New Testament in the Religious Consciousness
           of L. Tolstoy .

        (1913-170)  Concerning Earthly and Heavenly Utopianism (As Regards
           the Book of Prince Evgenii Trubetskoy "The World-Concept of Vl. Solov'ev").

         (1914-174(14)   Picasso .

         (1914-178(15)  The Russian and the Polish Soul .

         (1914-181(15))  The Fate of Paris .

         (1915-07(15))  The Soul of Russia .

         (1915-185)  On the Disputes Concerning German Philosophy ..

         (1915-186)  The Religion of Resusciative Resurrection (N. F. Fedorov's
           "The Philosophy of the Common Task").     N.B. .docfile Zipped..

         (1915-187(15))  Concerning the "Eternal Baba" in the Russian Soul  (Rozanov)

         (1915-188)  The New Russia .

         (1915-189)  Nietzsche and the Modern Germany .

         (1915-192)  Deadening Tradition  (Vyach. Ivanov) .

         (1915-195(15))  The End of Europe .

         (1915-197(15))  Thoughts about the Nature of War .

         (1915-201(15))  War and the Crisis of the Intelligentsia Consciousness .

         (1915-202(15)  Slavophilism and the Slavic Idea.

         (1915-203)  Society and the Ruling Powers .

         (1915-204)  The Prophecies of N F Fedorov Concerning the War .

         (1915-205(15))  On the Abstract and the Absolute in Politics .

         (1915-206(15))  Words and Reality in Societal Life .

         (1915-218(15))  The Tasks of Creative Historical Thought .

          (1915-xxx)  Concerning the Spirit of Despondency .

          (1916-221)  On the Prestige of Holding Power ..

         (1916-225)  Power and Coercive Violence  .

         (1916-233(14))  An Astral Novel: A. Bely's "Peterburg" .

         (1916-234)  The Apotheosis of Russian Lethargy  (Rozanov) .

         (1916-235(15)  The Cosmic and the Sociological World-Sense ..

        (1916-240)  The Church Question in Russia ..

         (1916-244)  The New Religious Consciousness and History.

          (1916-245)  On Citizenship ..

        (1916-248)  An Account about Heavenly an Origin. (A. N. Schmidt).

        (1916-252a)  Spiritual Christianity and Sectarianism in Russia.

        (1916-252b)  Theosophy and Anthroposophy in Russia.

        (1917-254)  The Strength of Russia .

        (1917-xxx)  Reform of the Church .

        (1917-013)  The Free Church .

        (1917-256(15))  Concerning the Relationship of Russians towards Ideas .

        (1917-257)  Khomyakov and Fr. Florensky ..

        (1917-258)  Theocratic Illusions and Religious Creativity (Kartashev) ..

        (1917-259)  The Psychology of a Survivable Moment ...

        (1917-263)  The Position of Russia in the World .

        (1917-264)  Power and Responsibility .

        (1917-266)  About Bourgeoisness and Socialism .

       (1917-269)  Truth and Lie in Societal Life .

       (1917-275) The Religious Foundations of Bolshevism.

       (1917-276)  Who is to Blame? .

       (1917-277)  The German Influences and Slavism ..

       (1917-278)  The Free Church and the Sobor .

       (1917-279)  Patriotism and Politics  .

       (1917-280)  The Ruin of Russian Illusions .

       (1917-281)  Concerning Freedom and the Integrity of the Word .

       (1917-284)  Has There Been in Russia a Revolution?.

       (1917-286)  The Germanisation of Russia .

       (1917-289)  On Love for Russia .

       (1918-14)  The Crisis of Art .

       (1918-290)  Class and Man .

       (1918-292)  The Power and Psychology of the Intelligentsia* .

       (1918-294) The Revelation about Man in the Creativity of Dostoevsky .

       (1918-296)  Russia and GreatRussia .

       (1918-297)  The Recuperation of Russia .

       (1918-057/299) Spirits of the Russian Revolution (Gogol, Dostoevsky, L. Tolstoy) ..

       (1922-059)  The Pre-Death Thoughts of Faust (O. Spengler).

        (1922-17-60,1)  The End of the Renaissance ..

       (1923-060,2)  The "Living Church" and the Religious Rebirth of Russia ..

       (1923-060,3)  Murky Figures (Reminiscences of A. Bely concerning A. Blok)..

        (1924-301)  The Jewish Question, as a Christian Question .

       (1925-302)  Spiritual Tasks of the Russian Emigration. ("From the Editor"
           Preface to Journal Put').

       (1925-303)  The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Caesar .

       (1925-304) NeoThomism .

       (1925-307)  The Idea of God-manhood in Vl. Solov'ev.
           (On Occasion of 25 Years from Day of Death).

        (1926-308)  Salvation and Creativity.

       (1926-312)  The Nightmare of an Evil Good
           (I Ilyin's book "Resistance to Evil by Force") .

       (1926-316) BookReview: New Books about Jacob Boehme .

        (1927-318)  The Scientific Discipline of Religion and Christian Apologetics.

        (1927-321)  A Consideration Concerning Theodicy .

        (1927-323)  A Conference in Austria .

        (1927-xxx) BookReview: "Death-Idolatry" (N. Fedorov theme) .

        (1928-329) The Metaphysical Problem of Freedom.

        (1928-333)  Three Jubilees: L. Tolstoy, H. Ibsen, N. Fedorov

        (1928-336)  Marcionism .

        (1928-337)  Obscuratism .

        (1929-343)  BookReview: Concerning Sophiology (Bulgakov) .

        (1930-345)  Character of Russian Religious Thought of XIX Century

        (1929-346) The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge (L. Shestov. On the
           Scales of Job. A Peripateia of Souls.) .

       (1929-347) BookReview: A New Book about J. Boehme (A. Koyre) .

       (1929-348) BookReview: A. Gornostaev: "Paradise on Earth" ( Fedorov theme).

        (1930-349) Boehme: Etude I: the Ungrund and Freedom .

        (1930-351) Boehme: Etude II: Sophia and the Androgyne; Boehme and  the
           Russian Sophiological Current..

        (1930-352)  In Memory of Prince G. N. Trubetskoy .

        (1930-353)  East and West (Lecture).

        (1931-027)  On Suicide ..

        (1931-358)  In Defense of  A. Blok .

        (1932-377)  The Spiritual Condition of the Contemporary World .

       (1932-378) Garrigou-Lagrange, OP. La Providence et la confience en Dieu..

        (1932-379)  The Two Concepts of Christianity..

        (1933-385)  BookReview:  Martin Buber.  Die Chassidischen Buecher;
           Ich und Du;  Zwiespreche;  Koenigtum Gottes. I. .

        (1934-391)  Polytheism and Nationalism .

        (1934-392)  Knowledge and Communion  (N. N. Alekseev) .

        (1935-397)  On Christian Pessimism and Optimism (Chetverikov) .

        (1935-399)  Eternity and Time.

        (1935-400)  Personalism and Marxism.

       (1935-401)  Further on Christian Pessimism and Optimism (Chetverikov) .

       (1935-404)  The Spirit of the Grand Inquisitor. (Regarding Ukaz of Met. Sergei
          condemning the Theological Views of Fr. S. Bulgakov) ..

        (1936-408)  The Problem of Man. (Towards the Construction of a Christian

        (1936-409) Concerning Authority, Freedom and Humanness (V. Lossky / Chetverikov) .

        (1936-410) Lev Shestov: On Occasion of His 70th Year..

        (1936-411)  In Memory of Georgii Ivanovich Chelpanov..

        (1936-419)  Lev Shestov and Kierkegaard.

        (1937-424)  Ortodoksia and Humanness  (G. Florovsky:
           The Ways of Russian Theology).

        (1937-426) In Memory of Andrei Fedorovich Karpov.

        (1937-430)  Concerning Fanaticism, Orthodoxy and Truth

        (1938-435) Jean Grenier, Essai sur l'esprit d' orthodoxie.  Gallimard.

       (1938-439)  Fundamental Idea of Philosophy of Lev Shestov.

       (1939-441)  Does There Exist Freedom of Thought and Conscience
           in Orthodoxy .

       (1939-442)  In Memory of Pope Pius XI .

       (1939-446)  S. L. Frank: "The Unfathomable" (Nepostizhimoe") .

       (1939-452)  War and Eschatology .

       (1939-xxx)  The Paradox of the Lie.

       (1945-454)  In Memory of Romain Rolland..

       (1949-478b)  Political Testament (.pdf format)...

      (1952|1937)-476)  My Philosophic World-Outlook.

       Other Translations forthcoming...

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