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 BERDYAEV New Book "The Philosophy of Inequality" (2015)
        1st English Translation of Berdyaev's 1918/1923 "Filosofia neravenstva"
         (ISBN-13: 9780996399203 / ISBN-10: 0996399208)  406 pages (6/4/15)
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 BERDYAEV New Book "The Spiritual Crisis of the Intelligentsia" (2014/2015)
       Revised 1st English Translation of Berdyaev's 1910 "Dukhovnyi krizis intelligentsii"
        (ISBN-13: 9780996399210 / ISBN-10: 0996399216)   346 pages  (6/19/15)
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 BERDYAEV-Related New Book:
        Fr. Aleksandr Men': "Russian Religious Philosophy: 1989-1990 Lectures" (2015)
       1st English Translation -- Published in 25th Year Commemoration of Fr Men' Memory
        (ISBN-13: 9780996399227 / ISBN-10: 0996399224)   214 pages   (7/14/15)
  (ISBN-13: 9780996399265 / ISBN-10: 0996399267)  --  Paperback(6/27/17)
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BERDYAEV-Related New Book: (2016)
         E. Skobtsova (Mother Maria):  "The Crucible of Doubts -- Khomyakov,
         Dostoevsky, Solov'ev, In Search of Synthesis, Four 1929 Works"
         (ISBN-13: 9780996399234 / ISBN-10: 0996399232)  166 pages  (5/20/16)
          1st English Translation... frsj Publications.
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BERDYAEV New Book  --  "The Fate of Russia" (2016)
         1st English Translation of Berdyaev's 1918 "Sud'ba Rossii"
         (ISBN-13: 9780996399241 / ISBN-10: 0996399240)  254 pages (10/15/16)
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BERDYAEV New Book --  "Aleksei Stepanovich Khomyakov"  (2017)
         1st English Translation of Berdyaev's 1912 " "
         (ISBN-13: 9780996399258 / ISBN-10: 0996399259)   224 pages (5/08/17)
    (ISBN-13: 9780999197912 / ISBN-19: 0999197916)  -- Paperback  (8/1/18)
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BERDYAEV New Book -- "Astride the Abyss of War and Revolutions:
                                                    Articles 1914-1922"   (2017)
         1st English Translation of a large sbornik/collection of  98 Articles by Berdyaev!!...
           (ISBN-13: 9780996399272 / ISBN-10: 0996399275)  --  Hardback
           (ISBN-13: 9780996399289 / ISBN-10: 0996399283)  --  Paperback
         View: "Table of Contents"...  "Description"...  742 pages  (7/24/17)

  BERDYAEV New Book --  "The Crisis of Art" (2018)
         1st English Translation of Berdyaev's 1918 " " (expanded to 9 articles)!...
           (ISBN-13: 9780996399296 / ISBN-10: 0996399291)  --  Hardback
           (ISBN-13: 9780999197905 / ISBN-10: 0999197908)  --  Paperback
         View: "Table of Contents"...  "Description"...   152 pages  (7/13/18)

   BERDYAEV New Book --  "Sub specie aeternitatis:
               Articles Philosophic, Social and Literary (1900-1906)" (Kl. 3)
         1st English Translation of Berdyaev's 1907 book, "Sub specie aeternitatis"
           (ISBN-13: 9780999197929  / ISBN-10: 0999197924)  --  Hardback
           (ISBN-13: 9780999197936  / ISBN-10: 0999197932)  --  Paperback
         View: "Table of Contents"...  "Description"...   472 pages  (3/24/19)

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      Many, perhaps most, major Western libraries do not contain overly complete
a selection of N A Berdyaevs texts in English.  And at any given time, most of
Berdyaevs works are generally Out-of-Print. However, for those willing to invest
in the purchase of Used Volumes, almost any of Berdyaevs books previously
published can be readily found via the Internet through Internet Consortia of
Used BookSellers, with searchable databases.  Several such Websites with perhaps
the largest database of offerings can be found at:

    (has quite improved with time)

   (formerly  and  (Now sadly in diminished form with Amazon)
Two excellent Mega-Searchers covering multiple UsedBook Databases are:

    Note that the English-language Search-engines generate the majority of results
under the name-form of Berdyaev, and somewhat less and different results
under the name-forms of Berdiaev, "Berdiaeff", "Berdjaev" and "Berdjajew",
and more results obtain using "Keyword" rather than "Author". The Used Booksellers
readily ship internationally, e.g. from far-off Australia to the USA and conversely.

      Some of the newer texts about Berdyaev, and a smaller overall selection
of Used Texts than with Bibliofind, can be found in the offerings of the Internet
Book-giants -- and Barnes and Noble. The clash of these titans
can translate into savings for the comparative shopper.

      In the West, it is uncommon to find used texts of Berdyaevs works in
the original Russian language; more extensive a selection of New Reprints in
Russian is however available.  Here also the Internet has helped matters.
A major Russian Book Exporter with a massive database in many fields is:
Eastviews Search-engine requires the name-form Berdiaev.

       Yet another Online Russian Books Consortia Exporter with a decent
selection of Berdjaev, including many not carried by, is  (now out of business,
hopefully only temporarily...)... Their Poisk-Search allows use of Cyrillic font ,
if your computer allows for this font input.

For North American customers of Russian Language books from Russia
    (Shops carrying consistent not occasional eclectic selections; all these shops
        have quick "get it today /or weep tomorrow" turnover
        with very reasonable purchase prices, with quick shipping!)
--   Bookstores located in Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn NY
        Sankt Peterburg Dom Knigi with alot more than books (Russian CD's, DVD's,
Russian Kukli/Dolls, Souvenirs, etc., etc.)... somewhat more extensive a selection of texts and better prices
than the somewhat larger scale St Peterburg Dom Knigi (and is a Russian bookstore
virtually little more than a narrow long but very precious "hole in the wall")...

  Bookstore located in Manhatten NY: actually carries an exciting somewhat alternate selection
and even better prices of Russian philosophic texts (some indeed real finds!!) from what
offered by the Brighton Beach shops noted above; moreover, dealing with the super-helpful
(and excellent English-speaking) proprietressAlla T. rather than a mere employee is a real pleasure
indeed, -- what with her generous suggestions of "further-interest" texts... truly indicative of one
who both knows & loves books!!!

        In the US also is the long-established Russian Book Importer
Viktor Kamkin Inc.   Kamkins Website may be found at:

    The Russian Book Publisher, Paris-based YMCA (IMKA) Press,
or Editeurs Reunis, which Berdyaev helped found and initially run,
and which in past has brought out the first English releases of Pasternak
and Solzhenitsyn, still exists.  Irregular mailings of new offerings and
occasionally an updated Catalogue are sent.  But there is still no way to make
contact via the Internet or email.  However, correspondence can be had
via Fax.  The direct-dial Fax# with all the international digits (from US) is:


       Hope this helps everyone in locating Berdyaev (Berdiaev) texts.
Those seeking to find English-language texts of Berdyaev might resort to
the Berdyaev Bibliography List, which contains a comprehensive listing
of (1st edition) Books by and about Nicholas Berdyaev.
Useful additions can be added here as we find them.

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