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Paris Russian Religio-Philosophic Journal
Put' / Путь
(1925-1940 in 61 Issues)

Editeur Н. А. Бердяев

    The modern Russian priest-martyr Fr. Aleksandr Men' declared: "Put', -- this is not a journal, this is a treasure-trove of thought". But in the West finding access to the actual copies of the journal Put' is often not easy -- many prestigious university libraries lack it, and there are serious scholars that lack university access.

    The Assoc. of Russian-American Scholars in USA Inc, Prof. Nadja Jernakoff President, has recently been bequeathed a complete set of original Paris journal Put', and wishes to share this precious resource, by making available photocopies of articles, upon request at nominal charge. It should be noted also, that the Paris Journal Put' is primarily in Russian language, and most of this material has never been translated yet into English, nor adequately researched even in Russian.

    A Complete Subject & Author Index to Journal Put' has also been compiled by Prof. Jernakoff's group: this invaluable navigational resource across the scope of Put' (in-Russian)  is available  @ $10. plus $2. S&H.

   Photocopies of Journal Put' Articles are available @ 20 cents ($.20) per page plus S&H. An invoice of the total charge will be sent accompanying the order.

   Payment: Checks or Money Orders should be made Payable to:
       "Assoc. of Russian-American Scholars in USA",
      or short form   "ARAS of USA"

   Contact Person:

Prof. Nadja Jernakoff
11 Hawthorne Court
Loudonville, NY 12211
(Tel.&Fax) (518) 785-6780

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